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Rules for submission and Joining.


Everyone is allowed to join and is automatically approved for standard Membership.

:bulletblue: Contributors will have to be voted in.
If you want to become a contributor, you must submit to us often. (no set amount or time yet). Contributors will have access to our private Forum, as an added bonus.

:bulletblue: All submissions will be voted in. Keep it clean and rated for general audiences. This means no blood and gore, exposed genitalia (Nude is fine so long as the figure is covered in fur, and/or no exposed genitals i.e nipples and nether regions), or sexual/suggestive themes.

:bulletblue: You will be limited to 5 submissions per day. The submission must contain some form of Fox, and submitted to the correct folder.

Art Submissions:

:bulletblue: Art featuring Foxes, Kitsune, foxes taking half human forms, and other relating fox themes go into the Fox Art Folder. This can include photos, traditional art, digital art and other forms of art so long as it contains something relating to foxes.

:bulletblue: Art Featuring Fox Hybrids go into the Fox Hybrid Art Folder. This includes but is not limited to Foxes crossed species with dragon, cats, birds, fish, wolves, angels and demons, deer etc.

Story Submissions:

:bulletblue: All fox related stories can go here. Please keep it to text submissions only (i.e. Not an image with your story in the artist comments, it has to be an uploaded text submission). If you have a cover page image for your story that is separate from text, please put it in the art folder/s.

Poetry Submissions:

:bulletblue: All Fox related poetry can go here. Like with the stories, please only submit text submissions only, all cover art can be submitted to the art folders.

Comic Submissions:

:bulletblue: All Fox related comics can go here.


Under some exceptions we may allow other things to be submitted within reason. Just note us, and you may be surprised. Likewise if there is something previewed in the gallery that may be offensive to you or feel it doesn't fit with our guidelines stated above, feel free to note either the owner or co-owner to have the situation investigated.


Remember to invite others, Co-founders and
Contributors have full ability to send invites to anyone. Invites and joining is an automated process, so all are approved.

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The last of the Nô was The Little Smith, the scene of which is laid in the reign of the Emperor Ichijô (A.D. 987—1011). A noble of the court enters, and proclaims himself to be Tachibana Michinari. He has been commanded by the Emperor, who has seen a dream of good omen on the previous night, to order a sword of the smith Munéchika of Sanjô. He calls Munéchika, who comes out, and, after receiving the order, expresses the difficulty he is in, having at that time no fitting mate to help him; he cannot forge a blade alone. The excuse is not admitted; the smith pleads hard to be saved from the shame of a failure. Driven to a compliance, there is nothing left for it but to appeal to the gods for aid. He prays to the patron god of his family, Inari Sama.38 A man suddenly appears, and calls the smith; this man is the god Inari Sama in disguise. The smith asks who is his visitor, and how does he know him by name. The stranger answers, "Thou hast been ordered to make a blade for the Emperor." "This is passing strange," says the smith. "I received the order but a moment since; how comest thou to know of it?" "Heaven has a voice which is heard upon the earth. Walls have ears, and stones tell tales.39 There are no secrets in the world. The flash of the blade ordered by him who is above the clouds (the Emperor) is quickly seen. By the grace of the Emperor the sword shall be quickly made." Here follows the praise of certain famous blades, and an account of the part they played in history, with special reference to the sword which forms one of the regalia. The sword which the Emperor has sent for shall be inferior to none of these; the smith may set his heart at rest. The smith, awe-struck, expresses his wonder, and asks again who is addressing him. He is bidden to go and deck out his anvil, and a supernatural power will help him. The visitor disappears in a cloud. The smith prepares his anvil, at the four corners of which he places images of the gods, while above it he stretches the straw rope and paper pendants hung up in temples to shut out foul or ill-omened influences. He prays for strength to make the blade, not for his own glory, but for the honour of the Emperor. A young man, a fox in disguise, appears, and helps Munéchika to forge the steel. The noise of the anvil resounds to heaven and over the earth. The chorus announces that the blade is  finished; on one side is the mark of Munéchika, on the other is graven "The Little Fox" in clear characters.


The Project Gutenberg eBook, Tales of Old Japan, by Algernon Bertram Freeman-Mitford

This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with
almost no restrictions whatsoever.  You may copy it, give it away or
re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included
with this eBook or online at
Title: Tales of Old Japan
Author: Algernon Bertram Freeman-Mitford
Release Date: July 24, 2004 [eBook #13015]
Language: English
Character set encoding: ISO-8859-1
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Welcome to Kitsune Archives. We post weekly lore about Kitsune and other fox related stories.

We bring together all the Kitsune, Foxes, Fox-Hybrids and those looking to learn the truth behind Kitsune.

Everyone is welcomed. If you find any interesting lore, send it our way. We will review it and such.

Please Note: Current Group Avatar is only Temporary for now. Until we can come up with something better this will have to do.




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